Perfecting the Ambiance: The Role of Decor & Service

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Perfecting the Ambiance: The Role of Decor & Service

June 28, 2024

Imagine you go out to eat at a new restaurant, it automatically becomes your new favorite dinner spot. Why is that? The food is delicious, but you can find carefully created food at many different places in the area. But what you can’t get from every restaurant is a unique experience. Restaurants use factors such as decor, lighting, music, and service to contribute to the overall dining experience. These all contribute to the overall ambiance of the restaurant, such as how loud the customers are likely to be, does it have a feeling of intimacy, and what emotions it may provoke from the guests. 

Read on to learn more about the role of decor and service in fine dining restaurants.

The Lighting

The difference between bright lighting and dimmer lighting at a restaurant affects the behavior of customers. At fine dining restaurants, they are more likely to use dimmer lighting. This allows customers to relax and consume their meals at a slower pace. Dimmer lighting also makes a perfect leeway to using candles and lamps which make for a more intimate experience. Conversely, when restaurants use bright lighting it tends to make customers feel more alert to their surroundings. Brighter or natural light is ideal for breakfast or lunch settings, where a vibrant and energetic atmosphere is desired.


The decor in a restaurant reflects the personality and theme of each venue. From the choice of furniture and table settings to the artwork and color schemes, every detail is chosen with care. Whether it’s a rustic, farmhouse-style bistro with reclaimed wood and vintage accents or a sleek, modern restaurant with minimalist decor and clean lines, the environment we create is meant to transport our guests and provide a feast for the eyes. A well-designed space can evoke emotions and set the stage for an unforgettable dining experience.


While lighting, music, and decor are essential, exceptional service is what truly brings the ambiance to life. When staff are thoughtfully trained it provides a seamless and attentive dining experience. From the warm welcome at the door to the knowledgeable recommendations and the timely, courteous service throughout the meal, professionalism and genuine hospitality makes guests feel special.

Unique Locations

At Friedman Hospitality Group, we strive to anticipate needs and exceed expectations, ensuring that every visit is not just a meal, but a memorable occasion. Each of our restaurant locations were uniquely created to have different ambiances to align with their concepts.

To highlight a few, Bank+Vine occupies the old South Side Bank, and the decor aligns perfectly with it. You can not only see but also dine in the old vault, now repurposed for storing wines. The restaurant also includes details such as old cash registers from the original Friedman Electric Company.

Another highlight is Rikasa for its unique ambiance and its homage to the speakeasies of the 1920s in one of its four dining experiences offered. Rikasa showcases elegant rustic decor with dim lighting to relay a sense of elegance to guests in the main dining room.

One last location to highlight on unique ambiance is the Jazz Cafe. In contrast to the previous mentions, the Jazz Cafe is full of bright colors and lights and thrilling music acts accompanied by the food. The fun display of art and life is the perfect scene for any jazz or music enthusiast to have an immersive experience with a multitude of shows. 


Creating the perfect ambiance is an art form that goes beyond just serving great food. At Friedman Hospitality Group, we understand that the right ambiance can transform a meal into a memorable experience. The elements of lighting, music, decor, and service work in harmony to create a captivating atmosphere. 

After hearing how we perfect the ambiance in our establishments, make sure to check out our restaurants!

Visit us at our restaurants: The Jazz Cafe, The Beaumont Inn, Grico’s, Kevin’s, Cork, Fire and Ice, Bank + Vine, Rikasa, and The Greens.

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